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Welcome to
Eleme Creations

A world of nature,

 pressed flowers and...

cat butts. 

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Pick, press, create, repeat.

This space is all about pressed and dried flowers. Get your bridal bouquet or memorial flowers preserved forever or learn about natural flower preservation techniques. 

But first,


My name is Laura, the face behind Eleme Creations. I'm originally from Spain, but I've been living in Ireland for quite some time. My passion for pressed flowers was born at the age of 7 when my mum gave me my first ever flower press. I've been drying and pressing flowers ever since.​

Eleme Creations is a combination of a passion for nature, flower pressing and the desire of being my own boss. The idea started taking shape during Covid, when I realised that I was the happiest surrounded by flowers.

The last few years I've been helping brides to preserve their most precious wedding memories by creating a forever piece of art with their bridal bouquets. I've also been teaching all the techniques to press and dry flowers I've learnt in my journey.

And I want to share everything with you

I tell you a bit about

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Bridal Bouquet preservation.

Preserving memories

Are you getting married soon? Often couples don't think about what to do with the bouquet until is too late.

What about preserving your flowers and creating a forever piece of art?

Check the different options and styles.  I'm sure I can make your vision come to life!

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Resources to start pressing flowers

Your flower pressing jouney begins now.

Here's some resources you can download to get you started. Materials, how to work with some flowers and much more.

Let's connect

You can follow us on social media to enjoy all the flower related content: pressing, curiosities, mindfulness. And join my mailing list if you don't want to miss anything. It is free!

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