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Here's what my lovely costumers have to say about my creations. If you have one of my cards, artworks, preserved bridal bouquet, send a photo to


I love seeing my creations in their forever homes

Your testimonial

...from the loveliest costumers 

"Your frame was so lovely wrapped that we didn't want to disturb the wrapping! So we are really looking forward to giving it to our daughter at Christmas and it will be a surprise for us as well to see it! Also the bookmarks were amazing, so unexpected, you are so gifted Laura, thank you so much for those, it was a lovely touch and she will treasure those also, We can't wait to giver her the frame and bookmarks, she will be absolutely thrilled, thank you so much again Laura and best of luck with the business!" 

Evelyn and Kevin. Cork, Ireland

"I have received a few pieces from Laura since I've met her, and every single one symbolises something very special to me. Having a unique, handmade piece to mark a special moment in life is priceless. Laura has a remarkable talent for understanding a person's ideas and visions for a piece, and creating them into art that will last forever. Thank you Laura. <3"

Kelly. Cork, Ireland

"I have bought quite a few pieces from Laura both for gifts and for my own home. I have also been so happy and impressed by Laura’s work! Each piece is so unique and personal. Laura is a true professional at what she does and I couldn’t recommend getting one of her pieces more! I am excited to get my next piece this summer (the preservation of my sister in laws bridal Bouquet after her wedding)"

Sarah. Cork, Ireland

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