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We all have moments where we wish we can press the pause

button and make them last forever. and one of them is you wedding day.​

Too often, this day just comes and goes in a blink of an eye,

and the memories will last just in the pictures, videos and momentums...

or maybe is there another way?

A 3 minute video that sums it all up...

Preserving your wedding bouquet

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Of course!


There is another way to keep the memories of your wedding day: making your wedding flowers last a lifelong.

Your bouquet (and bouttoniere) will be pressed and preserved to create a bespoke piece of art that you will be able to cherish forever. 

But... why to keep your bouquet forever?

When we asked some couples what they would have done differently for they wedding, most of them aswered that they wished to have thought ahaed what to do with their flowers. 


We know! There is a few options to do with your flowers when the day passes: toss it at the wedding day, gift it to someone special, etc. Here, at Eleme Creations we have three main reasons why you should keep your bouquet:

* You select the flowers very carefully: you take some time to research about the flowers and the florist that make your vision come alive. 

* It captures a memory. We believe that flowers can carry good memories from that special day and you will be able to look back on those memories every time you look at the preserved bouquet.

* You will own a bespoke piece of art. There's not two identical flowers, that is why there will not be two identical preserved bouquets.

Choose your favourite style 

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At Eleme Creations I want to create a bespoke piece that speaks to your soul and makes you look back on the best and special memories. believe I can meet your expectations and, in most cases, exceed them!

You can choose to create your piece in canvas, double glass frame or shadowbox, in many sizes and styles. 

To get an overview of the different options you can download our free portfolio to give you a better idea! That way you can keep it and read it carefully.

Preserving your bouquet with Eleme Creations

We ensure the whole process is executed with the most care, to make sure the your vision comes to life.

The first step is to get in touch with us through the contact form. We will reply in a day or two about you inquiry.

The same day we receive the flowers we will start the preservation process. This consists is pressing the flowers, making them flat, by putting them into layers of a special desiccant paper and cardboard, to remove all the moist. We will also make everything that is on our hand to preserve the original colours as much as possible. However, we can not ensure this, as the process is completely natural.


Once the flowers are ready we will get in touch again with you to agree on the style, size and number of desired pieces. After that, it is just a matter of days that it will take us to design your piece and ship it to you. 

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* Should I book the preservation in advance or can I do it after the wedding?

Although we take last minute reservations we highly recommend booking in advance. This ensures you will get a spot when your wedding day comes up and you will have all the recommendations about keeping your bouquet in the best condition to preserve it. 

* How long does it take unti I get my piece?

Flowers can take up to 8 weeks to be ready for framing. The pressing time will depend on the type of flowers and the weather (in winter it takes longer for the flowers to press). So, you will have your piece between 8 and 10 weeks after the wedding.

* I have a pre-dried bouquet, can I preserve it too?

Absolutely! Dried flowers can be pressed and framed too. Just get in touch with the team to give you the best advice

*Do I need to send the whole bouquet?

No! There is no need to preserve the whole bouquet. You can send us just a few of your favourite flowers and keep the rest. 

* I am not getting married, but I would like to book the preservation as a gift. Can I do it?

Yes. It actually makes the perfect wedding gift. Get in touch with the team and they tell you what to do.

Contact us

Get in touch with us to enquiry about the bridal bouquet preservation service: prices, dates, anything you need!

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