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Learn about flower pressing

Flower pressing is a way to relax, to calm your mind and to be in touch with nature. It can be placed in between the joys of gardening and crafting: it helps you to focus in your hands and not on your thoughts, while increasing your levels of serotonin.

Learning about flower pressing requires time, patience and a bit of practice. With the following resources I will give you the perfect tools to get you started in this unique art. You will learn that flower pressing is not expensive and that it can be done with just a few materials you have at home. So why don't get started right now? 

Check out these tools to start pressing flowers!


Would you like to press flowers at home and don't know where to start? This guide will help you with the materials, tools and process to 

press flowers at home.

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A guide with all the materials

to press and create with your

pressed florals. 

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Get to know 18 types of flowers

that are easy to press, specially

for beginners

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Ebook- The Basics of Flower Pressing 

Learn all the basics to start pressing flowers successfully: materials, tools and how to press your first florals.

This ebook contains a clear vision and method to learn this ancient art. I share all the supplies you need to get started, how to build your own flower press, and all the tips and tricks I've learned over the years on my flower pressed journey.

The aim is that you feel confident, not only to start pressing flowers by yourself, but doing it knowing you will press them succesfully.

Price : €12.99


15 pages-full colour

Basics to start pressing flowers

Portada Ebook - Flower pressing for beginners.png

Guide- Materials to press and create with flowers 

Neutral Beige Minimalist Course Workbook Cover.jpg

A list with all the materials you need to press flowers and to create artwork with them. You don't know where to start your flower pressing journey? What about knowing all the materials you need before starting?

A lot of people think you need a lot of fancy materials to press flowers. However that's far from reality. With this guide I show you can start with just a few things you already have at home.

Price : €1.50

PDF Guide

4 pages-full colour

Guide-Flowers for beginners (in flower pressing)


Do you struggle with browning or colour change when pressing flowers? I did too!

In this guide you will find 18 different flowers that are easy to press and keep their colour.

Price : €4.99

PDF Guide

15 pages-full colour

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